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my self esteem drops faster than my battery life 


Being Single vs Being Married





all this shit about 1d and 5sos like who cares listen to my music instead xx

omg love why did i not know of you..

number one fan right here «

I love you guys so much. Honestly. I was just kidding around but your comments made my day. xx


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"Believe me it hurts me as much as it hurts you but the difference between our pain is that I accept it so it disappears but you cry about it and cry about it. You can’t stop feeling sorry for yourself but instead you should fucking realize and get the facts straight because even blind man could see my eyes sparkle for you when I see you and even a deaf person could hear my “I love you” louder than you hear it, when you even hear it at all."
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I’ve been getting ALOT of questions on how I earn money through Feature Points - so here’s a post answering your questions. It’s super simple once you get used to it. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android you qualify :)
Basically, you can earn gift cards/cash for testing out apps.
Go to (on your device, it doesn’t work on computer).
Click “Start now.”
Then they will redirect you to download the app - go ahead and do that.
Now you are eligible to use it! If you want, enter in my referral code K9C994 (50 free points to start off with).
Download apps (normally games!), use them for a minute or two - then you can delete them if you don’t like them. 
Redeem points you earn from using apps for paid apps or gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes) or PayPal cash. 
It’s not a scam, and trust me I don’t normally do these things, but I’ve had it for a day and already gotten two $10 gift cards. You don’t need to provide them anything except your e-mail (for PayPal cash transfers).
The only downside is that it drains battery and you need a bit of memory to download apps.
If you try you could make $10 a day easy - if you try really really hard you can make quite a bit of cash just for playing games - which is pretty rad if you ask me.
Ask if you have questions :)
Reblog this post to share - I don’t mind if you add your referral codes as well!